Written by BT Chappell

Directed by Harlan Cooper & Amanda Scott

An orphaned child is lost and alone in a dark and eerie flood filled forest where a troubled fire sprite appears. Through an act of selflessness the child helps him regain lost strength and they form a friendship. Together, each grateful for the other’s company, they journey away from the forest and towards the answers they both seek. The fire sprite, becomes the child’s protector and guide through many encounters with the denizens of this strange world. The fire sprite, ever indebted to the child for giving him a way to regain his strength becomes the child’s way home. Part fairytale, part fable, the story of Spritefire is presented in a dimming fantasy world illustrating the importance of companionship, respect for the natural world…and the power of kindness.

Recommended for children aged 5 and up.

Seacrest Productions Inc Presents



Thursday 18 – Saturday 20 January





Ticket Prices:

Adult: $18

Child: $15


60 minutes no interval

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