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Estampa ignites the stage with an exuberant performance that evokes the sensual rhyhms of South American, the enchanting laneways of Paris, the driving beats of bluegrass, and the haunting melodies of Scandavian folk music.

This World/ Folk/ Jazz ensemble from Brisbane boasts a unique sound that blends vocals, violin, accordian, guitar, banjo and bass to create a dynamic and captivating performance that appeals to a diverse, music-loving audience.

Get ready for an eclectic and unforgettable experience that transports you to a 1930’s Parisian jazz club, the vibrant streets of Sao Paulo and the rustic countryside of Scandinavia.

With their fiery musicianship, international flair and fusion of diverse musical styles, Estampa is a must-see act for music lovers of all kinds.

Estampa means stamp in Spanish… it has a mixture of meanings for us: stamp like in a passport, because we are from many parts of the world, and the music we play reflects that. Stamp is also like our stamp on the music: it’s our own way of playing a style of music. Finally the word stamp has a nice sound! It makes you think of rhythm and the enjoyment of music” says Rebecca Karlen (violin, voice)


Rebecca Karlen Violin, Viola, Nyckelharpa, Voice  | Paul Henderson Acoustic Guitar, Banjo

John Reeves Button Accordion | Samuel Vincent Double Bass

Musica Viva and JMT Touring Presents



Friday 29th November



Ticket Prices:

Members $32

Adult $35

U30 $25


100 minutes including interval

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