Created, Directed & Performed by Jens Altheimer

Can we save our stories when the robots arrive?

Featuring dazzling video and computer animations, flying objects and a pinch of circus, this richly visual theatrical experience takes kids and adults alike on a roller-coaster ride. WHALEBONE is filled with eccentric contraptions, strange machinery and clunky inventions, including the world’s first half- human juggling machine! Nestled in the mysterious ‘Depository’, meet a lone worker with a mission. In a world where AI and machines are going rogue and making more and more decisions for us, he tries to safeguard human stories, memories and emotions Laugh out loud, gasp in awe, and let your imagination soar. Whalebone will ignite the curiosity of young aspiring inventors, as well as everyone who loves stories and wonders. It invites audiences to ponder the role of technology in our lives, sparking conversations about what really defines us as humans.”

“This is the kind of show your kids will love. It is full of junk, fantastical objects, artificial intelligence, drama, thrills and puzzle solving.” – Samsara Dunston ★ ★ ★ ★

Recommended for ages 6-12 & Families

JMT Touring Presents



Saturday 7 September


Performance: 10:30am



Ticket Prices:

All tix $25

Family $90


55 mins no interval

Audience Warnings:

Includes fast-paced video effects and twitchy sounds

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