You are deceived everyday. In fact you like to be deceived. But who deceives you the most? Yourself.

All the deceiver has to do is to suggest you a story, you are the one who will narrate the rest.

Introducing Daniel Hidden’s new show, Seeing is beLIEving, where he will give you a glimpse into tricking the mind.

“All I ask for is to bring me the most precious gift of all…. YOUR ATTENTION, so that I can use it against you. ” – Daniel Hidden.

Who is Daniel Hidden?

Calling himself “A Deception Artist” Daniel Hidden is an astonishing new breed of magician who is taking magic to the next level and bringing the art into the 21st century. Inspired by the very best ones in the industry like Derren Brown and David Blaine, he creates his own original routines of outstanding deceptions presented by a unique and saucy showmanship. Now calling Australia home, this laid-back charismatic artist weaves a special blend of mind-blowing deceptions that include but are not limited to Mentalism, impossible feats and illusions, and razor-sharp sleight of hand. His interactive shows provide a crowd-pleasing experience that will leave you and your friends talking about the mysteries and fun for days and weeks to come.


“You wouldn’t think you would be laughing much in this show, but OMG this man is a comedian”

“The most interactive show I have ever seen.”

“A show of poetic deceptions”

“I think I’m never gonna forget tonight, this memory, I’m gonna remember for so long. I feel like a new person, my mind is open to more things.”

Daniel Hidden Presents

Seeing is beLIEving


Friday 30 June



Ticket Prices:

Adult: $40

U21: $32

Grp 6+: $34

VIP’s: $65

VIPs get merchandise + learning a trick  after the show.



1 hr 45 mins including interval

Audience Warnings:

Not recommended for the faint hearted or anyone aged 15 or younger.

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