MOTEL is Tim Ross’s and Kit Warhurst’s hilarious mash-up of nostalgia, storytelling, music, stand-up and modernism. It’s an endearing, sometimes cringey, often charming, always funny look back on the quintessential Aussie roadtrip and some of Australia’s past (and in some cases, still present) motels and tourism icons.

Sound odd? Perhaps. But audiences have been packing venues for this unique take on our common cultural touchstones and collective peculiarities.

You’re only four hours in and this ‘holiday’ is starting to hurt. You’ve exhausted I-Spy (there are only so many synonyms for “gum tree”) and Spotto has descended into free-for-all deadarms at which your older brother is clearly winning. You’ve stopped twice already for tepid lemonade and sweaty Glad-bagged devon-and-sauce sandwiches. Dad has recounted the almost-bought-in-Byron-Bay story for the fifteenth time, and mum’s taken your sister’s side of the fart-blaming contest.

But a neon light beckons, with it the promise of a pool (“It’s got a pool, Dad. Right?”), colour TV(!), and a complimentary Kellogg’s Variety Pack with the forbidden Coco Pops and Froot Loops.
MOTEL is Tim Ross’s and Kit Warhurst’s hilarious mash-up of nostalgia, storytelling, music, stand-up and modernism.

“Warhust and Ross are comedic geniuses, highly talented singers and great lyricists. They will bring you laughter as you follow them on their journey in their old benchseat Ford. 5 Stars.” Arts Hub

“Hilarious.” The Age

“The lovable duo use song and storytelling to transport you back to the 70s, to ‘road trips without air conditioning, collapsing folding beds, [and] Paddle pop sticks stuffed down the back seat of the car.’ “ Design Files

Don’t miss this one night stand of comedy, music and nostalgia. Tickets are sure to sell fast.
Tim Ross is a comedian, radio presenter (Merrick and Rosso), and self-confessed design nerd. Best mate Kit Warhurst is a multi-instrumentalist and serial band member (Rocket Science, Spoonful, City Lights, among others) with a deft ear for a funny lyric.

MOTEL is hosted by the Friends of the Coffs Harbour Gallery and in association with the Halfway exhibition, currently running at YAM.

Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst Present

MOTEL- Halfway to Somewhere…


Saturday 10 February


6pm for food and drinks

7pm show start

Ticket Prices:

Adults: $58.50

Friends of the Gallery: $53.50


90 minutes

Food included in ticket price.

Cash bar

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