Soulful, smokey, velvet and barbed, Claire Anne Taylor’s voice is a rare thing to experience, and it is that voice, with its world-worn quality, that commands audiences to silence. Taylor has garnered a reputation for her powerful live shows – tough and tender performances that see her develop an intimate rapport with fans. Claire will be joined by her exquisitely sensitive and soulful band, as they present the songs that make up her highly anticipated third studio album, recorded at MONA’s Frying Pan Studios in Tasmania.

Claire Anne Taylor grew up in Tasmania’s ancient Tarkine rainforest, where she was born into her father’s hands in the family barn. Taylor and her five siblings were raised in a quaint bush home, rich with creativity and music. During her childhood, the Taylor barn was home to a family of Tasmanian Devils and some say that Taylor developed her unique, raspy singing style from nights spent listening to the devils growling beneath the floorboards.

One could make many a comparison when it comes to Claire Anne Taylor’s voice – Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, early Mia Dyson…. But essentially, it’s hers and hers alone… Sydney Morning Herald

Supported by Joe NewtonMy dream is to create music that awakens the love in people’s hearts. Music that inspires…

JMT Touring Presents

Claire Anne Taylor


Friday 3 May



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2 hours including initerval

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