Aladdin and His Magic Smartwatch

Be careful what you wish for.

An interactive, fun production for children and families.

Aladdin was sick and tired of his boring old lamp, so he traded it for a brand-new Smartwatch!

The smartwatch was great, but it came with a very strange Genie, who was always getting Aladdin’s wishes wrong.

He wished for a really big HOUSE and Aladdin got a really big MOUSE! How annoying…

His Mum wasn’t happy either. Aladdin hasn’t been doing his homework, or his chores. He has become very lazy!

Aladdin thinks he can make the Genie do all the jobs he doesn’t want to do…including his homework!

Jally Entertainment & JMT Partnership Presents

Aladdin & His Magic Smartwatch @ Eastern Dorrigo Community Hall


Thursday 28 September



Ticket Prices:

Adult $15

Child: $10

Family: $45


50 mins plus meet & greet

Recommended for ages 3-11 years

VENUE: Eastern Dorrigo Community Hall

13 Pine Ave, Ulong

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