VOX LUX | D. Brady Corbet | 112mins | MA15+ | USA

Natalie Portman gives a bravura performance in the second feature from actor-director Brady Corbet, which spans decades in the life of a young woman juggling a scandal-ridden music career, a teenage daughter (Raffey Cassidy), and an overbearing if doting manager (Jude Law).

Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) is a teenage music prodigy whose talent shines through during a memorial service when she sings a song that touches the hearts of mourners. Guided by her sister (Stacy Martin) and a talent manager (Jude Law), Celeste’s meteoric rise to fame dovetails with a shattering terrorist attack on the nation, elevating her to a new kind of celebrity: American icon, secular deity, global superstar.

“I’m a private girl in a public world,” sings Celeste in one of her hit songs. Vox Lux is a story about our present moment, when the lines that once divided private from public — and real-life horror from entertainment — seem to have dissolved. Featuring original songs by Sia and a transcendent performance by Natalie Portman, Vox Lux is an origin story about the forces that shape us, as individuals, nations, and gods.


JMT & Screenwave Present

Vox Lux


Thursday 14 March



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112 mins

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