Director & Producer: Jolyon Hoff

To celebrate Refugee Week 2019 join us for a free screening of The Staging Post at Cavanabah Hall.

In 2014, filmmaker Jolyon Hoff set out to understand what happened to those refugees turned away from Australia after the PM at the time, Tony Abbott, promised to ‘Stop the Boats’. Jolyon’s journey led him to Indonesia where he met two Afghan Hazara refugees, photographer Muzafar Ali and wannabee filmmaker Khadim Dai. The men, like many others, are waiting for the UNHCR to confirm their refugee status. Until then, they must live with the bare minimum, disallowed from being able to work or even study. Between the three men, The Staging Post gives an honest portrayal of refugee life and the steps taken to improve their situation.

The Staging Post is a quiet film with a loud message. It shows how a community can thrive even in the face of an uncertain and fearful future. Deciding to do something about the lack of education for their children, the two men and others set up a learning centre; something which is surprisingly in direct violation of UNHCR policy.

 The Staging Post is an important and uplifting documentary that reminds you that we are all human and capable of making change.

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CHCC & JMT Present

The Staging Post


Friday 21 June
CAVANBAH CENTRE, 191 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour


6:30pm for 7pm film start

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This is a free event.
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65 minutes

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Cavanbah Centre, 191 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour

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