The Uncrowned King- A One Woman Show
Written and performed by Janne (Jan) Clara Lindrum
The story of 5 strong women in one man’s life.
They called him the maestro, the magician, the man with the golden cue.
A handsome, dapper champion, Horace Lindrum’s artistry thrilled audiences across the globe.
Spanning five generations, the story is a veracious account of a strong and resilient family who confront circumstances that are not prevalent in a mundane existence.
Tragedy, war, betrayal, controversy, crime and corruption, this dramatic, intensely human and captivating performance explores the concept of’madness’ and ‘genius’ and tests our understanding of ‘success’.

#Metoo Debate
Has the #MeToo movement gone too far? Reversing sexism instead of rebalancing it? Has it allowed for the labelling of awkward sexual encounters as serious assaults?

Or has it not yet gone far enough? Are we not putting enough offenders behind bars? Have we educated our youth fully? Is there work yet to do, and does the MeToo Movement have a place in it?

The MeToo campaign has been a world wide, groundbreaking forum, giving voice to an issue that has previously been ignored, hidden & unspoken. But has it gone too far? Has it done it’s job, or has it done damage?

For the first time in Regional Australia, you can come and watch some of Coffs Harbour’s most influential thinkers in this field to debate the continued validity of this movement and make up your own mind about what the future of it is.

Come and listen to our speakers and hear what they have to say!

The Uncrowned King Pty Ltd Presents

Lindrum: The Uncrowned King & #MeToo Debate – DAY EVENT


Sunday 30 September



3.00pm Matinee: The Uncrowned King
5.00pm-5.45pm: Bar Open & Complimentary Canapes
6.00pm-8.00pm: #MeToo Debate

Set Lunch Menus @ Your Choice of Surf Club Restaurant & Bar or Element Bar

Menu- Coffs Surf Club
Phone: 66529870

Menu- Element Bar
Phone: 66516655

Lunch Bookings essential:
Please mention Jetty Theatre Special Lunch Package

Ticket Prices:

Set Lunch Menu + Matinee- The Uncrowned King + #MeToo Debate: $75

Matinee + Debate: $50

Net profits of these events to Jetty Memorial Theatre Trust Account


Matinee- 115 mins incl. interval & Debate 120 mins

Audience Warnings:

Unsuitable for children under 15 years

Matinee performance commences 3:00pm sharp
Latecomers will not be admitted

Lunch Bookings essential:
Please mention Jetty Theatre Special Lunch Package

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