The Snow Goose– This is the story of a friendship between Philip Rhayader, an artist living a solitary life in an abandoned lighthouse in the marshlands of Essex, because of his disabilities, and a young local girl called Fritha.    The Snowgoose who was wounded by gunshot and many miles from home is found by Fritha and the bird is nursed back to flight and revisits the lighthouse in its migration for several years. The friendship between Fritha and Rhayader blossoms as they come to love the Snowgoose.  The three become inseparable.  As Fritha grows up,  Rhayader and his small sailboat eventually are lost in the Dunkirk evacuation, having saved hundreds of men.  The bird, which was with Rhayader returns briefly to the grown Fritha on the marshes.  She realises that this is a sign of Rhayader’s soul taking farewell of her;   and recognises that she has come to love him.

The Fairy Doll– The story of the ‘Fairy Doll’ and her beloved owner begins in the world famous Doll House. The elderly shop owner is greeted by many wealthy and sophisticated buyers all wanting to own one of the famous mechanical dancing dolls. The amazing dolls range from Spanish Dancers, Traditional Japanese to the cheeky Court Jesters.
But none of these amazing dolls are special enough for one particular little girl whom needs something that bit extra, this is when the “fairy Doll’ is introduced and she falls head over heels, it’s love at first sight.
Watching all the beautiful dolls, with the help of their special leader Dolls, find their forever family is such a beautiful story. All the little shoppers leave the Doll House having found their new favorite doll and making a few new friends along the way.

Julie Ross Dance Studio Presents

The Snow Goose & The Fairy Doll


Sunday 8 December




Ticket Prices:

Adults: $29 

Children (U16): $21

Price includes booking fee


2 hours including interval

Adapted and Choreographed by Terry Maher, Kate Sevenoaks, Sarah Kruger & Ellen Humphrey

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