D. Guillaume Maidatchevsky | PG | USA, France

Join us for a special Christmas screening featuring the stunning landscapes of northern Finland and an adventurous reindeer named Ailo.

Up on the far edge of Europe, Lapland lies north of the Arctic Circle, across Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Although the sun can hide for months, light is everywhere. At night the moon casts clear shadows on the snow as the sky glistens with billions of stars, or the northern lights illuminate the frozen fells. In winter, trees are never naked, but frozen under a thick layer of snow carved by the wind into fantastical sculptures. In the summer, nature bursts into life again in a thousand colours under the midnight sun.

Throughout his journey, the frail and vulnerable newborn reindeer must overcome the ordeals that stand in the way of his first year of life and his first long trek as the herd migrates. Ailo’s awakening to this wild world is a real adventure, deep in the heart of the stunning landscapes of northern Finland, in Lapland.

Ailo’s Journey is an uplifting story from a bleak wilderness warmed by an endless mother’s love as she watches over Ailo in his incredible adventures with other creatures of the Arctic.

JMT & Screenwave Present

Ailo’s Journey- Cinematinee


Thursday 19 November




There is no 6pm session

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Groups 10+ $10


86 mins

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